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How to Dress Like Anna in “Anna and the Never Land Pirates”

If you’ve been curious about what to wear to the Disneybound premiere of “Anna and the Never Land Pirates,” you’ve come to the right place. Leslie Kay, a Disneybound blogger, has created a blog and Instagram account dedicated to highlighting creative Disneybounders. For tips and tricks on dressing like Anna, check out the following! Leslie recommends a periwinkle sweater, metallic silver ankle boots, a snowflake-printed bag, and a handbag with a snowflake print. You can also choose a navy jumpsuit or a white tuxedo jacket. A purple neck scarf would make a great addition.

Princess Anna is one of the most popular Disneybound characters, and she’s even had her own fan club, which has been dedicated to her look and style. The color palette of the princess includes blues, purples, and pink. Queen Elsa, the villain, seems cold and distant towards her sister, but she has since opened up to her. Hopefully the next movie will feature the same colorful characters, and we’ll get to see more of them!

Disneybounding allows for you to express your style and add Disney flair. Disneybounding is a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular with adults, and Leslie describes her movement as “Disney-inspired dressing.”

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