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Anna Duggar Returns to Social Media

You may have wondered if you were following the Duggars on social media why they don’t tweet the conditions of children in detention camps and cages. After being influenced by Christian fundamentalism Josh had to stop posting on social networks. Anna, however, took a break. She is updating the status of her family on social media and is getting political again. She doesn’t use her words to express her political opinions and endorses the posts of others with her likes.

The news that Josh was arrested on child pornography charges has prompted Anna Duggar to return to social media. While the Counting On star has been silent for some time, she’s returned to Twitter and Facebook a few times. This blip on social media could be a temporary one. Others from the Duggar clan have resumed regular postings, but have quietly stepped out of the spotlight.

While the news that Josh Duggar is facing jail time has put the Duggar family under a microscope, Anna Duggar has been actively sharing photos of her children. She even posted cryptic tweets regarding the rights of women and freedom of speech. Josh Duggar’s sentencing date is May 25. Although she has not been seen with Josh since December, she was spotted smiling at a renewal of her wedding vows. While the Duggar family hasn’t been publicly speaking since Josh was accused of committing child abuse, Anna Duggar has been spending her time avoiding social media.

Anna Duggar posted in April that Josh Duggar and she are still happily married. But there’s been plenty of drama in Anna Duggar’s life over the last 15 months. Josh was convicted of child pornography offenses and sentenced to 12 year imprisonment. Anna Duggar posted a photo of herself celebrating her husband’s birthday this time. She also hinted that she had visited her husband while he was in jail to celebrate his birthday.

Although Josh Duggar has not posted on social media in the aftermath of the scandal, his wife has kept fans informed. Anna Duggar is currently pregnant. Josh Duggar’s fifth child will not appear on the show until he has completed his sentence. Despite the controversy Anna Duggar continues to share her experiences, including the joys as well as the frustrations, of motherhood and pregnancy. Although she is currently pregnant, she has not revealed the gender of her baby.

Anna and Josh Duggar are now back online. The scandal led Josh Duggar to resign from the Family Research Council. This fundamentalist Christian organization was designated as a hate group. Josh had used his fame to spread hatred towards the LGBTQ community. Although it is easy to see Josh Duggar in a self-righteous, narcissistic light, he realized that it was wrong to accuse the LGBTQ community for ruining his marriage.

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