Anna Kendrick Shower

Anna Kendrick’s Nude Shower Scene

If you’re a fan of movies and television shows that feature revealing scenes, you may want to check out the nude shower scene that Anna Kendrick filmed for her new film, Pitch Perfect. Brittany Snow assisted Anna Kendrick in filming the scene. The two actresses looked stunning in their respective dresses but they were both nervous about having to take off their clothes for the role. While filming the scene, Anna hid in a corner to change in secret from the crew.

Glamour magazine featured a video of Anna Kendrick reciting her own shower thoughts. The video is hilarious and takes inspiration from Reddit’s “Shower Thoughts” page. Anna mimes half way through the video to illustrate her point. The video accompanies Glamour’s June issue, where Kendrick is the cover girl. Anna Kendrick talks about growing up and how she relies on her senses of humor to get through the day. She also shares some personal tips on how to feel confident and sexy in the shower.

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