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Meet Annabel Thomas – A Woman on the Move

Annabel Thomas has taken her career in the drinks industry by storm. From strategy consultant to distillery owner, she has made waves as an influential force within this sphere.

Within years, Nc’Nean organic whisky brand has become immensely popular and an icon for sustainable business practice, becoming the first distillery ever to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Early Life and Education

Thomas has an impressive education background encompassing London and Edinburgh schools; she holds positions in education, arts and communication fields. As an art teacher, drama instructor and oracy programme developer as well as extensive experience in education assessment and accreditation processes; Thomas used this passion for education to reach out to people needing better quality of life and shift negative beliefs about it. After leaving her London-based consultancy job to found Nc’nean Distillery alongside her father in 2013, Thomas wanted to tell a different tale of whisky which coexists with our planet – this distillery is now maturing ex-Tokaji and ex-Bourbon barrels which will come together into what will eventually be released under its Annabel label.

Professional Career

Annabel Thomas has made waves by transitioning from management consulting to running her own whisky distillery on Scotland’s west coast – becoming CEO of Nc’Nean, an organic female-run whisky distillery which has quickly become one of the most sustainable in its field.

She was inspired to establish Nc’Nean after traveling around Scotland, where she witnessed that many distilleries adhered to traditional processes and that there may be room for innovation and sustainability. She chose as its namesake an ancient Gaelic goddess known for protecting nature with great force: Neachneohaoin.

Nc’Nean founder and CEO Laura Thomas is a notable voice in the whisky industry – particularly among women. Whisky has long been perceived as an exclusively masculine drink; Thomas strives to break down barriers that have long kept women out.

Achievement and Honors

Annabel Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Nc’nean Distillery. As leader of sustainability initiatives within the whisky industry, her organic single malt whisky has seen global acclaim.

She earned the George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize, was inducted into both National Honor Society and French Honor Society and participated in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Dover Youth to Youth programs.

As part of her career, she has served as liaison and community manager for Waag’s Hollandse Luchten project in Waag. This citizen science initiative brings residents, experts, and businesses together in order to increase knowledge acquisition, enhance action perspectives and foster healthy physical living conditions in the city. In addition, she has also facilitated meetings and projects for makers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Personal Life

Annabel Thomas has an unwavering dedication to sustainability that fuels Nc’nean Distillery on Scotland’s west coast – it was the first carbon neutral distillery.

The name of this distillery was inspired by Neachneohaoin, an ancient Gaelic Goddess who served as queen and protector of nature. Our mission at Nc’nean whisky will be made with love and respect for both nature and people.

Annabel Thomas is an inspirational leader who courageously forges her own path. After leaving management consulting behind to launch an organic single malt whisky brand. Additionally, she gave a speech at this year’s COP26 alongside Nicola Sturgeon regarding whisky’s connection to climate change.

Net Worth

Annabel Thomas has earned the reputation as an authority on global legal and compliance. Currently serving as General Counsel at Loreal South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa Regions.

Her estimated net worth stands at $40 Million. She enjoys both professional success and personal fulfillment in life.

She has numerous interests outside her career. Additionally, she is involved with various charitable efforts.

She has made significant donations to the Friedkin Conservation Fund that protects wildlife and habitat on over seven million acres in Tanzania, while appearing in multiple movies such as The Color Purple, Commando and Soul Man. Furthermore, she shares two children with her husband; daughter Amelie and son Henry.

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