Ariana Grande Purple Highlighter

Ariana Grande Purple Highlighter Review

Ariana Grande has been a beauty icon for her fans since she made her name with her signature perfumes, but she’s now launching her own line of makeup. It’s called R.E.M. Beauty, and it’s coming out this fall.

Whether you’re familiar with the brand or not, you’ll likely have seen a few teasers on Instagram and Twitter. And, as the first drop lands on November 12, you’ll finally get your hands on some of the products Grande’s been keeping under wraps for the past two years.

Chapter One, or “ultraviolet” as it’s officially called, includes everything you need to create a glam look. There’s a range of eye shadows, highlighters, and mascaras to try out.

The eyeshadow palette, which is essentially an all-in-one option, has six shades for everyday wear, including a matte and shimmery finish. There are also neutrals that are perfect for highlighting the eyes and adding depth.

A tingly, lip-plumping gloss, a pink and red lip paint, and a highlighting powder are all included. The highlighting powder can be used on the cheeks, nose bridge and brow bone to create a dewy glow.

It’s a great product that’s easy to apply and comes in a wide variety of different shades, from iridescent gold to icy mint. It has a very soft, silky texture and is infused with vegetable-derived emollients.

I found it to be a little drying, though, so it’s best to exfoliate before applying this lip color. It also leaves a strong pink stain so it’s only appropriate to wear with a good lipstick and a waterproof makeup remover.

The lipstick is a great option for those with medium to darker complexions and is a flattering shade that should work on pale skin as well. It’s a little brighter and more pink-er than MAC Flat Out Fabulous, but it’s not too hot toned or dark like MAC Girl About Town.

As the purple hue is much lighter than the pink in MAC Girl About Town, it can be worn by more light-skinned people. It’s a beautiful, vibrant pink and is a great way to brighten up your face.

Using this product is similar to using a blush or bronzer, but it is much more pigmented. It can be applied with a brush and is highly opaque, but it’s also easy to build up to a deeper shade if you want to achieve a more dramatic effect.

You can also mix the colors to create your own custom shades for a more unique look, or you can just go with an off-the-cuff swatch. This is probably my favorite product out of the entire collection.

In addition to the purple highlighter, there are also a pair of faux mink lashes that come in two different styles, one that mimics her cat-eye look and the other with feathery “grow n show” edges. And of course, there’s the Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker that is an easy way to get a pop of color on the lips.

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