Ariana Grande Selfie

Selfie With Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande took to Instagram to show off her bare face and the latest makeup collection. The singer also tagged her makeup line, “r.e.m.” beauty, in the post. The brand launched last year and launched their first line of makeup products including mascara, fine-point eyeliner markers, false lashes, lipstick, and matte and glitter liquid eye shadow. While Grande is known for her makeup, her bareface selfie has caught fans’ attention.

The pop singer has been known to sport oversized sweatshirts for her concerts. Although it is not the most flattering style, it looks chic and on-trend. She often wears white clogs with a choker necklace. Her hair is thrown back in a ponytail, but it isn’t as high as her usual style. The rest of her outfit is casual, with a cute crop top and ruffled sleeves.

Ariana Grande shared a series selfies earlier this week with her fans. One of her posts showed her with her BFF, Doug Middlebrook. She captioned the photo with’selfie’, while another showed her with her dog Toulouse and her favorite shoes. Ariana Grande has been making waves in the social media world for speaking out about self-acceptance and acceptance of one’s body. Her message resonated with many people and led to the hashtag #SelfiesForAriana.

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