Ariana Grande Squinting

Ariana Grande Squinting During Interviews

Ariana Grande, despite wearing glasses, still squints when she looks at objects. This visual gaffe is a common one in interviews, late-night segments, and public. Fans have used this as a way to poke fun at Grande. Fans have had mixed reactions to the latest squinting joke. Some fans appreciated Ariana Grande’s honesty and commented on her Instagram post. Parker Kit Hill and Troye Sivan commented on the prank. One fan wrote that “Everything seems like a bag full of sand.” NJOMZA also commented on the matter.

Although it has been rumored, Ariana Grande hasn’t confirmed any future collabs with Tinashe. She seems to prefer artists who are on her level, but didn’t confirm or deny it. Despite the rumors, Ariana has been linked to several upcoming collabs. Contacts are a great option if you’re curious about her future music. There are many benefits to wearing contacts, as you will not have to worry about your eyesight anymore!

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