Ariana Grande Tongue

Ariana Grande’s Tongue Tattoo

Ariana Grande caused a stir recently by appearing to have had her tongue pierced. A video of the pop star rolling her tongue and revealing a metallic object has gotten fans curious. The video appeared before her Thank U, Next video, which has also caused a lot of buzz about her piercing. However, the singer has never been photographed with unusual piercings or a pierced tongue before.

While promoting her new single, the pop singer has been doing a plethora of interviews. Her controversial videos have caused a lot of controversy, and the singer has apologized for her tongue-lashing. However, the video has prompted an investigation into Elsinore bakery, California, where it was filmed. According to the local health department, state law requires that food be protected from public contact. But, it is not clear if Ariana Grande is being investigated.

Grande has broken numerous Guinness World Records. She is the first artist ever to have five number one singles in a calendar year. She also has the most platinum albums and has been deemed Spotify’s most streamed artist. The star has sold over 85 million albums worldwide. She is also the only female to have three number one singles in the UK within a single week. Many conspiracy theories have been spawned by Ariana Grande’s success.

While the new tattoo was not discovered until the after-effects of the show, it still made fans curious. Ariela Grande isn’t the only celebrity to have a tattoo. Many pop stars have pierced their ears. Ariana Grande has a tattoo of a bee behind her left ear. The tattoo is a memorial to the 22 victims of the terror attack on Dangerous Woman’s concert on May 22, 2018.

The song received single certifications in Norway and Italy. It was also certified number one in Canada in the same year. According to the same source, her song “7 Rings” is one of the most popular songs of the year on both the Billboard and Canadian charts. Aside from that, the song also has several other awards, including Best Pop Album of the Year and Best Dance Single. Ariana Grande has enjoyed a lot of fame and fortune due to the success of the song.

Grande’s Japanese song “The way you make me feel” is also included in the Billboard Hot 100 in Latvian, Japanese and English. The song won awards and was nominated in Japan for a Grammy. Interestingly enough, however, Grande’s popularity in Japan has not been diminished. The song has been translated into many other languages, including Japanese and Latvian. The song, “Speak to Me,” has been reissued in both Japanese and Latvian.

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