Ashley Marti The Fappening

Ashley Marti and Gary King on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht

It isn’t easy being a superyacht stewardess, and it can be even more difficult for an inebriated charter guest. As such, Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers were no doubt intrigued by Ashley Marti’s recent hook-up with Gary King, which was aired in a one-hour episode.

The two of them were seen sharing a kiss on the stern, and it was an experience both parties would likely never forget. But that wasn’t all. While they were together, they also showed off their other selves. During their time aboard the vessel, Ashley and Gary had the fun of their lives.

Ashley’s first job after graduation was as cocktail server at the Shrine Nightclub in Mashantucket, Connecticut. She later joined the Parsifal III crew. Eventually, she decided to follow her dream and get into the yachting business. However, her career had to take a back seat to her love life. Aside from the below deck, she has also travelled the world, and is currently on the road to Spain and Mexico.

Aside from her work on the ship, she has been known to show up at the oh-so-cool parties. In fact, she was tagged in a photo taken at Resolve Marine Firefighting School. Among her many other achievements, Ashley is a fan of the arts and sciences. After all, she has studied at the University of Connecticut. Her hobbies include painting, dancing, and a healthy dose of socializing.

As for her life on the boat, Ashley is definitely the talk of the town. During her time on the vessel, she has met several interesting people, and has learned about life on the high seas. Throughout her time aboard, Ashley has met the likes of Tom Pearson and Gabriela Barragan. She has also made the acquaintance of the more than likely bachelor Gary King. Although he isn’t as crazy as some of the other crew members, he is a nice guy who has made a few friends along the way.

If you’re looking for more information about the newbie on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, you can visit her NudoStar forum. Also, be sure to check out the Season 3 reunion, which aired on June 27. You can catch all the details on that night’s show on Bravo. And if you want to see more of the below deck crew, you can watch below Deck: Sailing Yacht on Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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