Asia Argento Net Worth

Asia Argento is an impressive multi-talented celebrity. She can act, model, sing, direct and write. Asia began acting at nine and has appeared in both Italian and English language films.

She is also a well-recognized fashion designer and owns her own cosmetic line. Dario Argento was known for creating horror films.

Early Life and Education

Asia Argento is an acclaimed actress, model, singer and feminist activist who is also known for supporting the #MeToo movement for women’s rights.

At age nine, she began acting after being cast in a small role by Sergio Citti for one of his movies. Two years later, she made her film debut in Charlotte de Sauve La Reine Margot as well as appearing in two short films called A Ritroso and Prospettive.

In 1996, she debuted in the Italian drama film Compagna di Viaggio and then made appearances in English movies such as New Rose Hotel and B Monkey. From 2008-2013 she was married to Michael Civetta; their marriage produced one son named Nicola and one daughter named Anna.

Professional Career

Asia Argento has had an illustrious career spanning decades as an actress, model, singer, film director, and screenwriter. Best known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino movies as well as being an advocate of women’s rights movements such as #MeToo and feminism, she has earned the respect of fans around the globe.

Aria Asia Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento began acting at nine, first appearing in Sergio Citti films and then two shorts titled A Ritroso and Prospettive by that year.

In 2000, she produced and directed her debut fiction feature film, Scarlet Diva. Since then she has gone on to appear in multiple English films such as New Rose Hotel and B. Monkey in 1998.

Achievement and Honors

Asia Argento is an incredibly multi-talented celebrity who can act, model, sing and direct. She began acting at nine years old and has won many awards throughout her life. Additionally, Asia has made a name for herself as an accomplished director having written and directed multiple movies since making her film directing debut with Prospettive and A ritroso in 1994.

She first gained fame for her performance as Russian spy Yelena in Hollywood action movie XXX (2002) and later led the #MeToo movement and spoke out against sexual harassment.

Aria Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento was born in Rome, Italy to actress Daria Nicolodi and film director Dario Argento who are known for their influential works in Italian giallo horror cinema. Additionally she is daughter to musician/composer Fiore Argento.

Personal Life

Asia Argento is an Italian actress, model, singer, director and writer. She has appeared in several critically-acclaimed movies, most notably her role as Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge which garnered global acclaim and won her an enormous following worldwide.

Born on 20 September 1975 to film director Dario Argento and theater actress Daria Nicolodi in Rome, Italy, she published her first book of poems at only eight years old despite receiving little parental affection and often feeling alone and depressed. At nine years old she began her acting career, making her first public appearance in Sergio Citti’s “Sogni e bisogni”.

She has impeccable fashion sense and has developed her own line of clothing. Additionally, she launched Pure Wonder Vodka brand as well as signing an endorsement deal with Cover Girl cosmetics.

Net Worth

Asia Argento, born Asia Giammarco Argento is an Italian actress, model, DJ, singer and director best known for her roles in European movies such as XXX and Land of the Dead. As well as acting, Asia Argento also dabbles in DJing, making DJ mixes as DJ Asia Argento DJing as well as being part of various artists including Placebo.

She has become an iconic fashion figure over her career, appearing in multiple red carpet looks and making bold artistic choices that set her apart.

Aria Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento was born September 20, 1975 in Rome to Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi. She first made an impression through his films before reaching mainstream success through XXX and Land of the Dead appearances.

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