Assorted Olives

Gourmet Assorted Olives

Gourmet marinated olives make an elegant appetizer for entertaining or as gifts, and often come at an exorbitant cost from the deli counter. But with easy DIY preparation and customization capabilities available to everyone in your circle of friends and family.

Cured green olives are popularly used for stuffing and boast a firm bite with mild, nutty notes that pair perfectly with chicken dishes or can even make an impressive display on a charcuterie board.

Early Life and Education

Although olives may seem to be associated with savory cuisine, they’re actually fruits! Olives come from Olea europaea tree seeds which feature round drupelets related to sweeter fruits such as peaches and apricots.

Raw olives contain high levels of oleuropein, an intensely bitter compound. To enhance their enjoyment fully, this oleuropein must be removed through curing process in order to achieve their best taste and aroma.

The Manzanilla olive is one of the most beloved stuffed olive varieties, brine-cured for a mild, fruity flavor and pairing well with cheese. Additionally, this landscape tree boasts billowy crowns and gnarled trunks; plus it resists olive knots and verticillium wilt, common problems among other olive varieties.

Professional Career

Olives are an integral component of many dishes and beverages, from salads to sandwiches and pizza. Olives add an interesting crunch that goes great with cheeses or wine, can even be found as cocktail ingredients! Iliada olives make an excellent addition for many of these occasions as their wide array of flavors makes for an impressive dining experience! This glass jar of Iliada olives features Kalamon olives with their distinctive tangy taste, black olives with salty notes, fruity green olives with fruity fruity flavors… it provides everything that any dish or beverage requires! This mix makes for the ideal assortment that fits many different dishes or beverages alike!

Net Worth

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