Aubrey Valentine

Aidan Valentine

Aidan Valentine has several talents. He is a top choice for any production because of his acting, music, and directing skills. He was also a varsity basketball coach. His infectious energy makes everyone smile. His positive attitude and ability to give his all every time have made him a favorite role model. Aidan Valentine is one of the few actors who makes the whole world laugh. Read on to discover some of his many talents!

Aidan Valentine, despite his young age is a tremendous contributor to Eureka culture. His passion for Wildcat pride is contagious. He can’t help but make his presence felt in the Eureka Catpound. His overflowing energy makes him a crowd favorite in the Catpound. Aidan traces his passion for Eureka to his older brother, Zach. Zach Valentine was well-known for his contributions to the school’s Best Buddies program, and football team.

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