Audrey Hepburn Smoking

Audrey Hepburn and Her Smoking Habit

You might be interested in learning more about Audrey Hepburn’s smoking habits if you are looking for a role model. Audrey Hepburn started smoking at the age of 15 after World War II and continued to smoke throughout her career. On average, she smoked 3 packs per day or 60 cigarettes per day. You may have even wondered if she did it to keep her nerves in check or to ease her anxiety.

Sadly, the world-famous actress smoked cigarettes throughout her career. According to the New York Times, Audrey Hepburn smoked anywhere from two to three packs of cigarettes a day. Her smoking habit started when she was a teenager when she was spotted near a chimney while filming “The Nun’s Story.” Even as society became increasingly aware of the dangers of tobacco, Hepburn continued to smoke, justifying her addiction to herself by saying, “I have some sins!”

She also suffered from jaundice, anemia, and asthma. Her mother hoped that her country would remain neutral during the World War I, and they moved to Arnhem, a Dutch town which became Nazi-occupied in 1940. Audrey Hepburn later claimed to have worked with the Dutch resistance during the war, and she saw some of the Nazi atrocities. However, this claim seems to be pure Hollywood press agents.

A rare stamp featuring Audrey Hepburn was sold at a German auction for euro67,000. Although Schlegel did not identify the buyer, they said that the stamp was sold at euro53,500 after commissions and sales tax. The stamp will go on to fetch a record-breaking euro66,500. It was a surprisingly low price, considering the low cost of the stamp.

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