Audrey Of The Da Vinci Code Crossword

Audrey of the Da Vinci Code Crossword Answers

The Audrey of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ crossword clue belongs to the Newsday Crossword December 9 2021 Answers. This popular crossword game features four different instances of this clue. This crossword clue is often difficult to solve. We have provided some tips to help you solve this crossword. You should be able to solve the Audrey of the ‘The Da Vinci Code crossword clue.

In the novel, a curator at the Louvre named Jacques Sauniere is framed for murder when an albino Catholic monk, Silas, demands the location of the Priory’s “keystone”. The monk is determined to destroy the Holy Grail by using the keystone. Jacques Sauniere provides a false lead and is eventually murdered. The body is discovered posing like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. When the police discover the body, they decide to call for help. Captain Bezu Fache then summons American symbologist Robert Langdon to Paris to help solve the case.

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