Baby Spice Outfits

Taking Fashion Inspiration From Baby Spice Outfits

Taking fashion inspiration from Baby Spice is easy – all you need are some pink mini dresses and white knee-high socks. To complete the look, add a leather trench coat or platform sneakers. Baby Spice matched their platform sneakers and vintage denim in a similar fashion for live performances. For those with a discerning eye, you can even get a copy of the famous Spice Girls tour look and recreate it yourself.

Baby Spice was a member of the popular pop singing group, the Spice Girls. Each member had their own identity: Posh was high-fashion and sexy, Scary and Ginger were redheaded and sexy. Baby Spice, on the other hand, was more girlish and devoted to fashion. Although you can’t buy a store-bought costume, you can find a similar one in a thrift store or even at home. To style your hair in pigtails, all you need is a pink scrunchie and a blondwig.

Mel C and Mel B wore more casual clothes, but they shared one thing: the red and green tracksuits. Although this trend had a downward spiral in the Noughties, it’s now making a comeback in fashion. Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel have both started making boyish boiler suits. Baby Spice loved mini dresses and zip up all-in-ones. But, they are most famous for their sexy outfits.

In terms of headwear, the bucket hat is still a favourite. Rob Beckett and Rihanna have both been photographed in the style last week. The iconic hat is not just a headpiece, it’s a style statement. Bucket hats were Mel C’s go-to style in the Nineties. Kim Kardashian is another fashion icon thanks to Scary Spice’s influence.

A triangle-topped minidress is a classic look from Spice Girls. Similar styles can be found online or in your local department store. You can also wear matching trainers for a more sophisticated look. You can also look for a pair of pink leather pumps. During the Spice Girls era, feathers were a must-have accessory. Similarly, feathered mini dresses are available from Karen Millen and New Look. Popper trousers are back in fashion – Victoria Beckham is now designing Reebok’s popper trousers!

Baby girls will love the costumes of the Spice Girls. Especially among nostalgic ’90s babies, they are a hit. There are many options for costumes for babies, including a budget-friendly, stylish and affordable homemade outfit. Remember, this group isn’t just a double-decker tour bus; there’s a costume for every occasion, even if you can’t afford it.

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