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What to Expect After Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Are you considering plastic surgery at the border? You might be curious about what to expect after the procedure. Here are some of the facts and myths to know. First of all, it is not necessary to be a member of the Medical College of Tijuana to undergo this surgery. You can also go to the USA to have the same procedure if desired. In any case, you should check out the qualifications and experience of the plastic surgeon before you make a decision.

Another myth associated with cosmetic surgeries is that they can cause keloid scars. While the procedure itself is safe, this is not the case with the keloid scars you’ll likely develop. A recent study revealed that keloid scars are one of the top reasons why a patient is unable to sleep or eat properly. A person who experiences this type of scarring is likely to have a coma the next day. The procedure requires that you stay in hospital for at least a day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned people not to undergo plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The fact that 11 Americans have returned home with infections is enough to raise concerns. Cheap aesthetic procedures may not be worth the risk. As a result, many Americans turn to this region for lower-cost options. In this case, the risks are too great. To perform such operations, a Tijuana plastic surgeon should be licensed.

In addition to providing excellent care at cheap prices, Tijuana Bariatrics works with highly trained physicians and nutritionists in both its CER Hospital and Blue Medical Tower. It’s easy to connect with the best surgeons in the area, as well as the most skilled doctors and nurses, through its preferred provider network. Tijuana Bariatrics is a leading clinic in Mexico for bariatric surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and LAP-BAND surgeries.

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