Bartolomeo Oliver

Bartolomeo Oliver

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He is an esteemed neurosurgeon from Spain and heads the Neurosurgical Department at Teknon Clinic. In practice since 1979, he performs microsurgeries using small incisions under microscope while also using non-invasive radiosurgery apparatus – CyberKnife and Novalis – as non-invasive treatments.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Bartholomew was born into an intimate community in Bridge City, Louisiana. As the youngest of five sons to Lionel and Cecile Bartholomew, he attended All Saints Catholic Church in Algiers where he served as an altar boy for years.

In 1977, Dr. Llop began his neurosurgery training in Madrid, Spain before joining the newly established Neurosurgical Department at Hospital Sant Pau of the Autonomous University of Barcelona – taking on the responsibility of incorporating new techniques from Stockholm (Sweden), Montreal, St Louis and Pittsburg (USA).

Dr. Oliver has dedicated 60% of his 32 years in practice to spine surgery, specifically endoscopic skull base tumor removal, pituitary adenomas removal and microvascular decompression surgeries for epilepsy patients. At present, he performs over 250 complex lumbar spine cases annually using motion preservation and fusion procedures.

Professional Career

Dr. Oliver is an esteemed neurosurgeon in Spain with extensive experience treating brain tumours. He has published over 150 scientific publications and made over 350 presentations at international medical conferences; additionally he offers remote telemedicine consultation services via Medigence.

He earned his Doctorate in Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and completed neurosurgery training at Madrid’s National Neurosurgery Service. Since 1976 he has served as Head of the Neurosurgery Departments of Hospital Sant Pau, Mutua de Terrassa University Hospital and Parc Tauli Hospital all located within Barcelona city limits.

He has extensive expertise in cardiology, specifically cardiac electrophysiology and devices. He has helped treat patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders like atrial fibrillation and SVT; furthermore he takes special interest in any recurrence of arrhythmias after ablation surgery.

Achievement and Honors

Bartolomeo Oliver is an esteemed neurosurgeon at Centro Medico Teknon Clinic. He has extensive experience in surgically resecting brain and skull base tumors, functional surgery, pituitary adenomas removal, herniated disc surgery (herniated disc herniation), Parkinson’s disease treatment as well as spinal surgery (dynamic stabilization).

Dr. Oliver is widely respected for his expertise in minimally invasive techniques, such as transnasal endoscopic surgery through the nostrils. This allows him to perform complex surgeries with reduced trauma for his patients.

He has published over 100 scientific articles in medical journals and presented over 350 reports at international congresses, and was an active member of several organizations, such as Epilepsy Surgery Association and Skull Base Surgery Society. Through his dedication and contributions to science, Dr. Shah has earned worldwide renown within medicine.

Personal Life

Bartolomeo Oliver, a premier neurosurgeon from Spain, is well known for performing microsurgical operations through small incisions and non-invasive radiosurgery using CyberKnife and Novalis apparatuses. He has been practicing since 1979.

At first, he engaged in summer stock and theatre groups in California before becoming a TV host and producing several movies including Sepia Cinderella.

Bartholomew made his acting debut with MGM in 1935 when he played young Sergei in their adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina; his salary rose to $2,500 per week due to this film alone! Following that success in 1938 films such as Kidnapped and Lord Jeff followed; with final two releases coming in 1939 Bartholomew took on more humanitarian roles.

Net Worth

Neurosurgeon John Reifenbaum earns a handsome salary, has established an acclaimed career and amassed an estimated net worth estimated at over $20 Million. Reifenbaum is known to enjoy freedom, traveling, philosophy and being outdoors while disliking restrictive relationships and outlandish theories.

He is a California ER doctor who has engaged in real estate investing. Additionally, he has invested in other companies.

He is a hair stylist, chef, comedian and singer specializing in digital media work. He became known as “The Patti Pie Guy” after conducting a review of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie that quickly went viral.

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