Bella Swan Ring

The Bella Swan Ring Is Up For Auction

The Twilight Saga fans will be delighted to learn that the ring worn by Bella Swan during the movie “Eclipse”, is up for auction! The ring has been featured in the film’s opening scene and was one of the main components of Edward Cullen’s marriage proposal to her. This item is very popular with collectors and fans alike. It is believed that the ring is vintage in design. It was presented to the actress in a black satin case, making it very special.

The Twilight series was a hit in 2005, and was even better when the fourth installment was released in 2012. Collectors and fans alike loved the romance and they were the stars of the movie trilogy. This is why there are so many items and memorabilia from the series on the market now. You can order original items from the series online. In fact, the first day of school costume worn by Bella Swan was even up for auction.

If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies, you might want to get yourself the ring that Bella wore. It is a symbol of eternal love and one of the most beautiful rings on the planet. But how do you know if it is real? Check out the video below for some interesting facts about this ring. This piece of jewelry can also be adapted to many sizes and styles.

The auction in Los Angeles sold more than 800 Twilight props, including the ring worn by Kristen Stewart in the movie franchise. One of the most popular items was a chess set used by Bella and Edward in the movie. This piece of Twilight jewelry was sold for more than PS13,600. That’s not bad at all! Even though you won’t be able get the ring by yourself, you can purchase it on eBay for a fraction the price!

The ring itself is also very affordable. The ring’s long, oval face was set with rows of glittering round stones. The delicate band was thin and delicate and formed a delicate web around diamonds. A replica of the ring can be bought for only $35, but the real deal costs up to $1,979! In addition, there are several other items that you can purchase, which include the ring itself and Edward’s journal.

Although the official replica ring is no more available, you can still find similar rings made locally by small jewelers or jewelry artisans. Many of the rings on Amazon are made of cubic zirconia and have a web-like design. It is worth asking around if the piece you are interested in is still available. And if you’re not interested in buying an authentic replica, don’t hesitate to buy an imitation from Amazon.

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