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Ben Affleck and His Hampton Island Estate

It has been a busy week for the star of “Live by Night,” Ben Affleck. The actor has been filming scenes on Hampton Island in Riceboro, Georgia. As of now, the movie is slated to continue shooting there through the end of the week. He is also working with several other famous actors including Elle Fanning, Chris Messina and Zoe Saldana.

According to Daily Mail, a medical emergency forced Ben Affleck’s mother to be hospitalized. The actor’s mother, Christopher Anne Boldt, was reportedly injured when she fell off the dock at his estate. She was taken to Liberty County Medical Center, but her injuries were not life threatening. When photos of her condition were released, she was seen in a wheelchair, but was still alive. An ambulance was spotted leaving the facility, and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the patient was transported to a nearby Savannah area hospital.

Affleck’s home on the island is on 87 acres of land. In addition to the main house, the property includes a 10,000 square-foot guest house. This home is said to be a southern antebellum Greek Revival Plantation home. It overlooks deep water on the North Newport River.

According to a real estate company that is handling the listing for the property, the home is described as a “secluded” mansion. There are three two-acre lots on the island, and the entire 4,000-acre Hampton Island Preserve is being offered for $50 million.

One of the houses on the island has been featured in several films. The estate was purchased in 2003 when Affleck was dating his now-wife, Jennifer Lopez. Since then, the property has been enjoyed by the actor and his family. They have even been able to get away from the city for a bit.

According to the real estate company that is handling the listing, the secluded home is located about 40 minutes from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. There are also sightseeing trolleys that travel by the property. The aerial pictures of the estate show guests wearing all-white outfits. Security guards checked IDS at the entrance, and white paper wristbands were given out to the guests.

At one point during the wedding festivities, the couple visited the Liberty County Courthouse in Hinesville, Georgia. During their visit, they were photographed entering the building. Later, they were seen on the steps of the estate, and kissing. Other photos depict the pair on the back porch of the house.

Before the wedding, the pair spent time at a med spa in Savannah. Following the ceremony, they were joined by their families. Some of their famous friends were also there. Their wedding plans were reported by People magazine.

With their wedding coming up in less than two weeks, the couple is planning on celebrating with a pre-wedding party. Affleck and Lopez will then tie the knot in Riceboro, Georgia on 20 August. Both Ben and Jennifer have been married before. Several of their previous marriages have ended in divorce.

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