Ben Cash

Ben Cash on the Senate Finance Committee

Ben Cash is the founder and leader of Reason One, a full-service digital agency. His passion for the internet and technology fuels its success and his company.

Benjamin will take care in tracking purchases and applying the best offers automatically, while offering loyalty tier rewards that provide users with exclusive benefits.

Early Life and Education

Ben has over three decades of experience working in health care, serving in leadership roles at community health centers. With extensive knowledge of North Carolina and health policy experience to offer the Senate, Ben brings invaluable expertise.

He has been an innovator in environmental protection, passing laws to reduce air pollution and improve water quality. Among his numerous achievements is SB 54 – ground-breaking legislation to address plastic pollution which passed and was signed into law with widespread international approval.

As an advocate of the arts, he worked to extend California’s historic film and television tax credit, supported the expansion of teaching credentials for theater and dance teachers and restored access to the arts in underserved communities.

Professional Career

Ben Cash is an accomplished financial professional with experience counseling clients on numerous transactions of significant size and value. His services include due diligence, financial modeling, valuation and deal structuring for real estate development projects, commercial construction contracts and manufacturing.

Ben, as Director in our Assurance Division, oversees compilation and review engagements as well as offering outsourced CFO services and bank examination procedures. His wide-ranging background complements our traditional offerings while his approachable personality facilitates building rapport with both employees and clients alike.

Ben has been part of Lee Health’s financial management team for more than 27 years, serving in roles ranging from reimbursement clerk to controller of its Federally Qualified Health Clinic Look-Alike clinics and chief financial and business services officer. Today he oversees all financial services within the system.

Achievement and Honors

Cash was well-loved among both kids and parents during his later years, often acting as mentor and coach to young golfers and coaching youth sports leagues for boys and girls. He was especially popular with kids but beloved by their families too.

The Franklin Award, named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, recognizes outstanding achievement and superior performance across a range of fields of work. It is awarded annually to a Bureau or Post official who has made contributions that advance United States mission goals, support national security interests or provided significant benefits to Department.

At its premiere at the Central Arkansas Library System’s Ron Robinson Theater in Little Rock, attendees included elected officials, sculptor Kevin Kresse – who is creating a statue of Cash for use as representation at U.S. Capitol – and representatives from Arkansas State University, which restored his boyhood home 10 years prior.

Personal Life

His parents were both well-known comedians in Hollywood; thus exposing him to its culture early. Due to his shyness, however, he became vulnerable to bullies who made fun of him for being shy; this would motivate him to act out skits or movies with his Super 8 camera in order to exact revenge against those who picked on him.

He was a research professor in Old Dominion University’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science as well as at their Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA). Additionally, he also served COLA at George Mason University.

He is survived by his wife Barbara and daughters Lindsey Stephens and Holyn Cash as well as son Jaylen Cash all from Indianapolis. An avid golfer himself, he enjoyed coaching boys’ and girls’ youth sports leagues in his free time.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the value of assets subtracted from liabilities; the higher your net worth is, the more likely it is that you’ll be financially stable and can weather any economic downturns.

Home ownership typically makes up the biggest chunk of one’s net worth, which is why Busch suggests tracking what he refers to as “accessible net worth,” which excludes your home value and allows for retirement expenses that don’t revolve solely around mortgage payments.

Wang suggests to increase your net worth, she suggests paying down debt and saving money. You could even invest if you have the time and a solid financial plan; just be sure to consult a financial professional first if making major investments.

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