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Benjamin is a dog villager that appears in Animal Crossing series. He is yellow and white in appearance and resembles a labrador retriever in many respects; with thick bushy eyebrows and white whiskers. Benjamin has an extremely relaxed attitude as well as being involved with nature activities throughout his free time in Animal Crossing game – much like Frett and Joey both who also tend to doze off when not playing their games!

Early Life and Education

Benjamin was born in Old Picacho, a village near Las Cruces in New Mexico. She spent much of her youth working on her family farm with both parents and siblings before attending University of Texas at El Paso to earn both a Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees in English Literature respectively. Additionally she earned an M.A. in Creative Writing.

She is also committed to public service; she serves as a member of Darkness to Light’s Board of Directors – an organization advocating against child sexual abuse.

Benjamin can be found lounging around New Leaf as part of Animal Crossing series. Laziness is his hobby, and can often be seen relaxing or eating food during his free time. His house features shared flooring and paw-print wallpaper.

Personal Life

Benjamin first made his debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has appeared in every subsequent game except Pocket Camp. Benjamin is an outgoing and friendly character who enjoys food, relaxing and comics; nature-themed hobbies may include flowers, bugs, fish or fossils – and sharing his birthday with Tad! Additionally, Benjamin owns a house from the Sloppy series with shared flooring and paw-print wallpaper!

Net Worth

As a notable social media influencer, content creator and entrepreneur who became known on TikTok as Bentist, his net worth is extensive. Additionally, he practices orthodontics at Wincrest Orthodontics in Texas while running a verified Instagram account with over 12 million followers.

Benjamin also earns from an interior design firm owned by him and his partner. They work with clients to renovate their homes by infusing holiday-inspired decor into them while creating welcoming environments within budget constraints.

He is a wealthy individual who owns multiple properties, such as a six-room prewar home in Carnegie Hill. Furthermore, since 2009 he has made multiple profitable trades of SolarWinds Corp stock; currently owning at least 54,337 units worth over $373 Million.

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