Benjamin Ampong

Benjamin Ampong – Physician and Gospel Musician

Benjamin Ampong is both an accomplished medical doctor and talented musician, believing that medicine and music together constitute his destiny call. Therefore, he manages both professions while seeing each as having one aim – improving lives of people.

After responding to a shooting at 2500 Corning Avenue Temple Hills, PGPD initially detained 31-year-old Anthony Shaw of Washington DC but later released him once they found evidence indicating he wasn’t involved in it.

Achievement and Honors

As both a Physician and Gospel musician, he understands the power of words to heal. That’s why he uses his voice as an avenue for spreading blessings to those in need.

Great Ampong recently shared with Nyansa Boakwa on Happy FM’s ‘Obra Yi’ that financial handicaps were the reason he hadn’t released new songs since over seven years, adding that even when recording with Daddy Lumba for their song ‘Ofon’ no money had come his way from its release.

Sidiku Buari was honored at this year’s VGMA National Music Summit held earlier this week. Professor John Collins, Kenneth Kwaku Avotri Kafui and Big Ben Music also were recognized by event organizers.

Personal Life

Benjamin Ampong offers an insightful perspective on the power of words as both a physician and Gospel musician. He believes that music, much like medicine, has the ability to have a transformative effect on one’s soul – making for a complementary partnership in people’s lives. Personally, he has one son living with him currently living in Lorton Virginia; married for over 20 years to wife Kennedy he and their relationship is strong.

Ben Ampong was shot multiple times in the head at Temple Hills apartment complex Wednesday afternoon; a 16-year-old has since been arrested in relation to his killing.

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