Benjamin Gedan

Benjamin Gedan – Deputy Director of the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program and Director of the Argentina Project

Benjamin Gedan serves as deputy director and Argentina Project director at the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program. Additionally, he holds an adjunct teaching appointment at Johns Hopkins University and was previously South America director on the National Security Council staff in the White House.

Gedan discusses Argentina’s deepening economic, political and security challenges along with their potential to provoke social unrest. Alongside guest host Brian Winter they explore this challenging country’s prospects.

Professional Career

Benjamin Gedan, former South America director for President Obama on the National Security Council staff, now serves as deputy director and director of Argentina Project at the Wilson Center. Additionally he serves as visiting professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies as well as writing articles for publications like The Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and Boston Globe. Together with Wilson Center scholar Michael Matera he has written extensively about President Mauricio Macri whose election in 2015 brought an end to 12 years of Kirchner family rule which had led Argentina toward socialism with China, Venezuelan influence as well as alliances with China Venezuelan and Iran.

Personal Life

Gedan is married and lives near Washington DC with one child. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, having written for The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and other publications such as CNN Money, Miami Herald and Hill. Additionally he was former South America Director on National Security Council at White House while currently acting as deputy director for Wilson Center Latin American Program as well as director for its Argentina Project.

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