Benjamin Greenbaum

Benjamin Greenbaum

Benjamin Greenbaum provides financial planning services to high net worth individuals. His practice encompasses issues related to investments, taxes and retirement as well as estate planning services. Since 2001 he has held various roles.

He earned his PhD in theoretical physics from Columbia University and underwent training at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Institute for Advanced Study, including training with Phillip A. Sharp Award for Innovation in Collaboration from Stand Up to Cancer as well as receiving both Pershing Square Sohn Prize and Mark Foundation Fellowship Awards for his research.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Greenbaum was raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended New York City public schools before enrolling at Columbia University majoring in Physics and Philosophy for his Bachelor of Arts degree. Following this he went on to complete his Phd in Theoretical Physics through the Institute for Advanced Study as well as Los Alamos National Laboratory where he became a Long-Term Member.

Dr. Ma also now works in computational biology, employing techniques from statistical physics, information theory and evolutionary biology to study cancer genomes. Additionally, he examines tumor RNA expression patterns as a response to immunotherapy; and has published extensively in top journals; being honored with a Phillip A. Sharp Award from Stand Up To Cancer for Innovation Collaboration in 2016.

Ben currently works as an Associate Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and directs its Center for Computational Immunology.

Professional Career

Since 2009, Greenbaum has provided high net worth individuals with personalized financial planning services. He researches, designs and implements numerous estate and income tax reduction strategies which effectively lower taxable income. Furthermore, Greenbaum provides workshops related to wealth transfer and estate planning.

Sherpa has published in top-tier journals and received multiple awards, such as the Phillip A Sharp Award for Innovation in Collaboration from Stand Up to Cancer. His research spans an array of topics related to tumor RNA/immune system interaction; neoantigen evolution after immunotherapy; and various aspects of virus evolution.

Greenbaum currently works as a professor at the Orfalea College of Business in San Luis Obispo, chairing its Management Area and teaching organizational theory classes. Additionally, he provides valuation and authentication services to Civil War memorabilia collectors as well as national publications.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Greenbaum has received numerous honors and awards. In 1996 she won the Beincke Brothers Scholarship to fund her graduate studies in physical sciences; additionally she received the Gilman International Scholarship so she could study abroad. Furthermore she served on both varsity field hockey and basketball teams.

As a player, she amassed over 1,420 points, served as team captain during her senior year and earned selection to the Vermont Division 1 state All-Star team. Additionally, she earned four-year letters during her playing career.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, he employs tools from physics, math and computer science to better understand tumor and virus evolution. He has published in high-ranking journals and won two awards – The Phillip A. Sharp Award for Innovation in Collaboration from Stand Up to Cancer as well as Young Investigator awards from both Pershing Square Sohn Foundation and Mark Foundations.

Personal Life

Greenbaum had become so wealthy from his mob connections in Phoenix that he was able to purchase an expensive mansion and fly frequently to Las Vegas for gambling trips at the Flamingo. He amassed significant winnings there.

Police immediately suspected Mob vengeance when they discovered Gus and Bess’ bodies were bound, although there was no sign of forced entry; rather, footprints left by cigarette ashes suggested the killers had simply laid in wait for their arrival at home.

Rosselli later told a reporter that Meyer Lansky, of Los Angeles Mobster fame, sent Greenbaum to Phoenix to run his West Coast race wire racket; Lansky perceived him as an undesirable investment and wanted him eliminated, just like Bugsy Siegel was prior to mismanaging the Flamingo Casino.

Net Worth

Greenbaum is a partner at Gettry Marcus CPA where he oversees accounting, auditing, taxation and advisory services to clients in various industries including jewelry wholesalers, manufacturing firms, professional services firms, structural engineering, real estate development and technical software companies that service financial institutions. Additionally, he works closely with high net worth individuals to develop financial planning strategies aimed at minimizing income and estate taxes as part of personal financial planning strategies; additionally he is a member of both American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants

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