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Hobbs is a member of the Johns Hopkins Robert O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute and co-directs their US Environmental Protection Agency Yale-JHU SEARCH center. Additionally, he sits on the Market Surveillance Committee of California Independent System Operator and is an INFORMS Fellow.

Hobbs conducted extensive analysis on Cournot-Nash equilibriums for electric power and NOx allowance markets, as well as developing a model which incorporates customer value, emissions reductions, regional economic impacts and customer preferences into consideration.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Hobbs was Elk County’s first teacher. He taught from a small cabin on Paw Paw Creek near Howard and passed away aged 23 in 1871 at no weight from iron shackles or overseer whips. His grave is located off K-99 near Howard in Elk County as a reminder of this man and his legacy of teaching in Elk County.

Hobbs earned his doctorate in Environmental Systems Engineering from Cornell University. At Johns Hopkins, Hobbs is currently Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professor of Environmental Management as well as chairing their Department of Geography & Environment; additionally he directs their Environment Energy Sustainability & Health Institute.

Hobbs creates his furniture using high quality domestic and foreign hardwoods joined with dovetails, mortise-and-tenon joints, and intricate hand detailing techniques. His furniture has been showcased in publications like Fine Woodworking, Southern Living and Woodshop News.

Professional Career

Hobbs utilizes systems analysis and economics in his studies of electric utility planning and policy, environmental policies and natural resource policy issues. He serves as part of Yale-JHU Solutions for Energy, Air Climate & Health Center.

Hobbs is not only a board certified Indiana Trust and Estate Lawyer but is an active participant in Tipton County community life as a whole, volunteering for numerous civic groups as well as being appointed attorney of Tipton County Drainage Board.

Since 1968, IREX is a non-profit global development and education organization. Their aim is to bridge geopolitical divides by connecting scholars, teachers and students across borders. Their headquarters are in Washington D.C. in the US with approximately 600 staff employed across five regions. Robert A. Moss and Norma L. Gorlick serve on their board of directors as trustees.

Achievement and Honors

Hobbs has received several honors and awards for his outstanding work. In 2021 he was honored as an inaugural recipient of the INFORMS Hotelling Lifetime Achievement award. Additionally he serves as an editorial board member of various publications as well as Chairing Market Surveillance Committee of California Independent System Operator.

He is best-known for his groundbreaking research in genetics and his discovery that certain gene mutations lead to reduced LDL cholesterol levels – this led to the creation of new anticholesterol medications which further helped decrease levels.

Hobbs is currently a Professor at Johns Hopkins University and was previously on staff of Brookhaven and Oak Ridge National Laboratories as well as Case Western Reserve University. Hobbs specializes in applying systems analysis and economics techniques to enhance electric utility planning, operations, policy decisions as well as environmental and water resource management practices.

Personal Life

Hobbs maintains an extensive collection of pre-Civil War buildings in his work shed. Inspired by restoring an old house, Hobbs began buying up abandoned structures that would otherwise be destroyed by nature or demolished for his hobby.

Hobbs earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from South Dakota State University. His master’s in resource management and policy from Syracuse University followed by his PhD in environmental systems engineering from Cornell. Hobbs worked at Brookhaven National Laboratories before serving as professor of systems and civil engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Tapp stated during his interview with police that he helped to restrain Dodge while Hobbs and another individual sexually raped and assaulted her before cutting across her breasts.

Net Worth

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Katie Hobbs is a prominent social worker and politician from Arizona’s Democratic Party. As part of Arizona State Senate, Katie made waves when she defeated Republican Kari Lake to win Arizona Governor Election 2023 with 12,76,937 votes to her name.

She boasts an impressive net worth of $8 Million that she amassed through her professional career and investing a significant sum into charity work. Additionally, she is a strong supporter of LGBT community as she actively participates in an LBGTQ rights organization which assists those in need.

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