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Ben Abbott – The Man Behind Benjamin Knives

Ben was able to make a living from photographing and videoing outdoor adventures for many years, which required using and losing many knives along the way.

Kizer seems content with offering smartly designed knives at reasonable prices; unlike some other knife makers, who favor high-end, extravagant designs.

Early Life and Education

Jordan Ross of SuperHai is best known for serving up Asian stoner food pop-ups such as his signature Dan Dan Nachos and Cheese Fried Spam Musubi, but when not cooking or polishing and sharpening knives he can often be found polishing and sharpening them – his skills were developed through saving damaged blades from restaurant kitchen environments.

Jackson Rumble of Canberra, Australia operates at the intersection of art and tool. He imports partially finished and free-forged Tosa damascus for free-forging as well as creating custom handles and sheaths for customers.

Wendy Moore is an award-winning British journalist and author. Her works include ‘The Mesmerist’, ‘Wedlock’ and ‘Endell Street’ as well as her contributions to national newspapers and medical journals. Most recently her book ‘The Knife Man’ received the UK Medical Journalists Association Consumer Book Award.

Professional Career

Dan Prendergast runs an innovative forge in Gloucestershire, England that specializes in custom kitchen knives as well as ironwork for piano pedal springs, bell clappers, copper hop boilers and museum art handling equipment.

Utilizing top-grade carbon steels and native woods, he crafts individual knives that will become treasures passed down through generations. He emphasizes function rather than aesthetics by employing water-cooled grinds, compound bevel geometry and eye-catching finishes for his pieces.

Jordan Ross is a pop-up food chef with an insatiable passion for knife skills. When not creating delicious Mexican nachos and Spam musubi, Jordan repairs damaged blades caused by restaurant kitchen use – also teaching knife maintenance classes across the US.

Achievement and Honors

In 1996, he was honored with induction into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame. This honor is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to both the knife industry and society in general; these individuals must possess outstanding achievements within their chosen fields as well as boast notable reputations and leadership abilities.

He is the only writer ever honored by both The Knifemakers’ Guild and other knife organizations for two separate inductions into its Hall of Fame.

He is the founder of Knife World and has been actively engaged in knife writing, publishing, manufacturing and collecting. His groundbreaking ideas have helped raise the standard for knife production; his works are marked by intricate geometry, intuitive handling and top quality craftsmanship. Their design draws inspiration from an ancient Celtic symbol: hexagonal honeycombs.

Personal Life

Ben Abbott is a husband, father and avid outdoorsman. He spends most of his free time hiking, backpacking, exploring Utah with his family and writing articles about outdoor EDC gear for various websites.

He spends his free time learning more about knifemaking and history, serving as a guest judge at American Bladesmith Society’s Journeyman Smith Candidate competition.

Benjamin chose the massive kitchen knife GUDE THE KNIFE, which blends modern innovation with classic Solingen blacksmithing techniques. It features an olive wood handle and chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel blade – an eye-catching tool perfect for master chefs! Our team was pleased to implement Mr. Abbott’s design suggestion! Thank you very much for choosing us!

Net Worth

Ben Abbott, best known for his appearances on Forged in Fire, has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. His company produces knives, jewelry and swords for customers worldwide.

He makes swords as often as he can, though occasionally has to settle for cheaper versions when his finances don’t allow. Additionally, he works on other projects including tools, furniture, ornamental ironwork and jewelry creations.

He was raised by his English parents before moving with his sister to California when he was three. Periodic trips back home introduced him to castles and weaponry that further stimulated his interest in sword making.

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