Benjamin Little

Benjamin Little is a Partner in the Shoals Office of Dentons Sirote

Benjamin practices both litigation and non-litigation matters. He has represented government agencies and private businesses in complex commercial disputes before the Government Accountability Office (GAO), as well as professionals across multiple industries in investigations or proceedings before professional licensing boards.

Benjamin has undertaken extensive personal-driven research, exploring how public figures serve as key cultural landmarks for exploring political complexity.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Banneker never experienced slavery firsthand; yet that didn’t protect him from racism in both slave and free states. Although he attended school briefly, most of his learning came through self-education – particularly math and astronomy studies, making a wooden clock, studying agriculture and penning almanacs.

Zephaniah Zephaniah hails from Birmingham, England and his poetry draws upon Jamaican music and street politics for inspiration. After moving from Middlesex University to UEA in 2016, his primary teaching responsibility has been within the politics department – most notably through activist campaigning, where students work alongside Greenpeace and Generation Rent on live campaigns with real time results. Furthermore, his research lies at the intersection of activism, digital culture and politics.

Professional Career

Benjamin Little has extensive litigation experience, particularly with respect to government contracting disputes and bid protests brought before the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Additionally, he handles complex business law matters for public boards and officers as well as professionals from multiple industries who are facing investigations or proceedings by their professional licensing boards.

He has assisted clients to recover their collateral through foreclosure actions and has conducted seminars on banking law. Furthermore, he provides guidance to financial institutions and creditors in regards to bankruptcy processes.

Little has demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills by founding several businesses, such as a home improvement resource website, an advertising services provider company and Centerline Solutions LLC (construction and wireless telecommunication services). Additionally, he serves on the board of directors at a real estate investment firm; Martindale-Hubbell rates him as having earned their highest AV Preeminent rating, signifying great regard in his legal community peers.

Personal Life

Sonya worked multiple jobs at once to support her children, including Benjamin. She was extremely disciplined with him, which allowed him to become an efficient young worker.

She encouraged him to read, and in his free time he spent studying astronomy, mathematics and other fields. Additionally, he created an irrigation system for his family farm as well as making an accurate wooden clock that kept precise time. Being mostly self-educated himself he wrote pamphlets on social issues as well.

Benjamin began working as an indentured apprentice when his half-brother, James, founded the New England Courant newspaper in Boston. Despite being frugal with money, he paid for an in-depth portrait of Franky for Deborah as his first published work.

Net Worth

Benjamin Little is a partner at Dentons Sirote’s Shoals office and practices both litigation and non-litigation matters. He has extensive experience dealing with complex government contracting matters such as bid protests before the GAO and Court of Federal Claims. Furthermore, Benjamin has represented public boards, officers and elected officials as well as professionals from multiple industries in investigations or proceedings initiated by professional licensure boards.

Benjamin is also a musician, performing impressions and appearing in remixes for Ciara’s “Ride” and Chris Brown’s “Deuces”. Additionally, he played Triple G on Nickelodeon television show Game Shakers as well as overdubbing several actors such as David Niven and Gene Kelly. Additionally, Benjamin has written, directed, produced multiple theatrical comedic productions as well as charitable organizations including Project ALS.

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