Benjamin Saffell

Benjamin Saffell, 23, of Westminster, Colorado, is a Franklin Pierce College Rookie of the Year

Boulder County SWAT team successfully arrested Benjamin Saffell without incurring any injuries either to him or any members of the general public, who was wanted for violating bail bond conditions and protection orders. According to 7News, Westminster mother Teresa Middleton called 911 when Safell tried kicking down her door before locking herself and her teenage son inside their bedroom closet until Safell left.

Professional Career

He began playing professional baseball with Newport Canners and Kingsport Cherokees of the Appalachian League in 1941 before leaving two seasons to serve in World War II as part of his United States Army service. He returned to professional baseball management 17 years later as manager for Grand Forks Chiefs (Class C Northern League) who went undefeated that season under him.

Ben Saffell is an associate professor at the University of Colorado Denver who conducts research in air quality, urban climates and developing sensor networks to observe surface-atmosphere interactions. Additionally, he educates communicators how to use livestreaming and smartphone video effectively.

Achievement and Honors

Saffell has been recognized with numerous honors during his college career. As a freshman, he earned several accolades: being named New England 10 Men’s Golf Rookie of the Year is only given once every three years (Dylan Plis earned this title in 2017); placing second at NE10 Championship tournament; four top-10 finishes during that season alone and more!

He has received multiple academic accolades, such as the Dean’s Purchase Award in Art from Mount Union Foundation and Amelia Alexander Dillow Prize scholarships; additionally he was honored with Stephan Family Prize for Writing from Stephan Family Prize; each semester during his university tenure he was listed on Dean’s Honor Roll as well.

Personal Life

Teressa Middleton of Westminster, Colorado called 911 Friday before the holiday weekend after she noticed someone breaking into her garage door and breaking it open. Middleton quickly locked herself and her teenage son inside an upstairs closet until police arrived, who arrived less than half of their national average within three minutes – taking into custody 23-year-old Benjamin Saffell from Westminster for questioning.

On Saturday morning, Boulder County dispatch received information that Saffell was living in a camper trailer at the intersection of Kalua Road and Galley Court in Gunbarrel. Given his violent criminal past, Boulder County SWAT team was deployed. Consisting of deputies from both Lafayette, Louisville, and Erie police departments as well as deputies of Boulder County sheriff’s office deputies and officers deployed by this team successfully arrested Saffell without incurring any injuries either to himself or responding officers.

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