Benjamin Wolin

Benjamin Wolin

Benjamin Wolin serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for Covetrus. Additionally, he serves as lead independent director at Diplomat Pharmacy Inc and on the boards of directors at Rockwell Medical, AdhereTech LLC and Frontline Medical Communications.

One of the most influential essays he authored was, “The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. This essay continues to be read widely today.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Wolin is an American political theorist who earned his undergraduate degree at Bowdoin College. Since graduating he has held various leadership roles at Covetrus Inc and Everyday Health Inc; in addition he served on their respective Boards of Directors as well.

This collection consists of academic and editorial correspondence; administrative materials from universities where Wolin taught (Oberlin, Harvard, U.C. Berkeley-Santa Cruz; Princeton; Cornell); drafts/notes for articles/talks/class lectures/book projects etc; an unpublished manuscript called “Dialogues with Power”, worked on for over 40 years (some overlap exists with Series 2 & 6); drafts / notes for articles etc (overlapping with Series 2)

Ben Wolin has held various executive roles within private technology companies and public company boards over his professional career. He possesses extensive expertise in corporate governance, technology and financial management.

Professional Career

Benjamin Wolin brings years of experience to his role as CEO, serving on boards of directors, and co-founding companies. Currently a Director at Covetrus and holding other animal health positions; co-Founder/CEO of Everyday Health which offers marketing/communication platforms to consumers/doctors/healthcare companies; board Member at Dance Biopharm Holdings Waterfront Media Frontline Medical Communications

Ben has an outstanding educational foundation from Bowdoin College and an in-depth knowledge of business and technology, which gives him an edge as an industry leader and frequent consultant on digital health and entrepreneurship issues. With an established track record of success motivating teams as leader, Ben is widely sought out.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Wolin is an esteemed author and educator. He has served on several public company boards of directors; currently as chairman of Covetrus (NASDAQ: CVET), an animal-health technology and services company; additionally serving on their audit and nominating/corporate governance committees.

Benjamin began work on Das Passagen-Werk (The Arcades Project), an unfinished magnum opus, during the 1920s. This work drew its inspiration from Benjamin’s encounters with Heidegger and rejection of allegory as defined by Heidegger.

He was a modernist who held that philosophy merged with literature: philosophical thinking cannot account for all experience, particularly artistic self-representation; as a result literary interpretation may unearth hidden connections among historical objects that produce meaningful philosophical truth.

Personal Life

Benjamin Wolin serves as both president and CEO of Covetrus. Additionally, he was co-founder and former CEO of Everyday Health, an innovative digital marketing and communication platform used by consumers, doctors, healthcare companies and more than 14,000 physicians – an endeavor he successfully transformed from idea into publicly-traded enterprise within 14 years.

He currently serves as a director for Rockwell Medical, Aerami Therapeutics, Dance Biopharm Holdings and Frontline Medical Communications. A graduate of Bowdoin College, he lives with his wife and two daughters in Brooklyn.

Few twentieth-century thinkers have had as profound an effect on culture as Walter Benjamin has, and Richard Wolin has long been recognized as an interpreter of his work. Here he provides a clear and insightful introduction to his writings covering such subjects as Adorno, Jewish Messianism and Western Marxism.

Net Worth

Benjamin Wolin currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Covetrus, a global leader in animal-health technology. With extensive expertise in public company governance and financial and operational matters, as well as founding Everyday Health (now Everyday Petcare), leading its rapid expansion to become the world’s leading pet tech health company; also acting as Chairman for Rockwell Medical, Dance Biopharm and SourceMedia respectively.

His estimated net worth currently exceeds $11.8 Million dollars, as per SEC Form 4 filings. He holds over 7,529 units of CVET stock and made 33 trades worth $4,065,210 within this company over recent years. In addition, he sits on numerous company boards such as Waterfront Media and Beliefnet.

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