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Best Base Maps For Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11

Town Hall 11 is a new expansion for the Clash of Clans game, and it adds a new Eagle Artillery defense building and several new buildings such as the Wizard Tower, Cannon, and Archer Tower. Learn the basics of farming base designs, how to build the best defense, and the best layout for the Town Hall 11 clan war.

This layout allows you to place a variety of building types on your TH11 base. You can build a Town Hall in the center of the clan, eagle artillery and barbarian king alters in the outer walls, resource towers and air-defense towers throughout the rest of the clan, and an army tower on each side.

A centralized town hall and resource towers are essential for protecting the resources you mine from the enemy. You will also want to place an archer queen alter in your clan. In addition to this, a heavy army will require an X-Bow, Wizard Tower, Cannon, and Archer Tower. You should build these buildings evenly throughout the clan, and place them where they will be safe from the enemy’s attacks.

The Best Base Maps COC TH11 are compatible with 99% of mobile devices. If you like them, feel free to share them on Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Tumberim, and more. This way, your friends can enjoy the map with you. If you like the game, you can share the best base map with them.

Akari Gaming has been around since 2000. They make some of the best quality Clash of Clans bases, so be sure to try one out before purchasing your next one. They’ve been around for a while, and have an extensive knowledge of the game’s ins and outs.

A Trophy Base is an excellent defensive base. This type of base uses large compartments to keep troops away from the main storage areas. Attackers will have a hard time coming into this type of base, as they can’t get close to the storage. The Farming Base is another great option. It also uses large compartments to keep attackers away from the center.

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