Best Base Town Hall 4

Best Base For Town Hall 4

The best base for town hall 4 is the one that uses all available buildings. Using all 31 buildings is a key strategy, as they are the best way to quickly build up the trophies and raise your town hall’s defenses. The best base includes a town hall and clan castle, as well as two defense buildings. You can also use hidden tesla and mortar, which are great for added security.

The best base for Town Hall 4 should be easy to use and has features that beginners can understand. Your requirements should be met by the base. While many people do not think that brand name matters when buying a War Base, it is important to remember that the most renowned brands always put more effort in research and development. This is why it is better to buy a branded product rather than one that is made by an unknown company.

Builder Hall 4 works well with the asymmetrical base. The asymmetrical design controls the attack troop pathing. It forces the attacker to adapt to the new set-up. This base is very popular, but opponents have a way to counter it. A new base design features an effective trap setup that includes perimeter sections and a funneling center.

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