Best Bbcor Bats 2022

BBCOR Bats 2022

The new BBCOR bats are expected to hit the market in 2022. The new BBCOR bats feature a balanced design with end loaded barrels for power-hitters. The bats are designed to be suitable for high school players as well as college players. To reduce vibration, the bats have end load swing weights.

The CF3 bat from DeMarini is another excellent BBCOR bat. Its three piece construction removes vibration and has a more balanced design than most other bats. It is not a budget bat, but it is made with Parafelx Plus composite for long durability.

The Demarini VooDoo One bat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an end-load BBCOR bat. This BBCOR bat has a huge sweet spot and is constructed with an alloy barrel for optimal power transfer. It’s available in sizes 32” or 33”, and has received excellent reviews. It’s a top choice for power hitters.

This BBCOR bat uses a powerful connexion max connection system. This makes the bat stiffer and more powerful. The Seismic Endcap, which is made from the strongest material in DeMarini’s lineup, also increases popup. The bat also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a great feature for high school players.

It is highly important to choose a bat that is right for your son. As soon as your son finishes his 13U baseball season, you should begin looking for a BBCOR Bat. Your son will be ready to play in college and high school a few years later. You might even consider buying one made of aluminum as they are stronger than composite.

The Victus NOX bat has become a very popular choice. With its advanced technologies and two-piece hybrid construction, it delivers maximum power to your swing. It also features a 2-inch outer design and a 15% fibreglass laminate. It also has a great end-loaded weight.

The Louisville Slugger Meta 2021 is another good BBCOR bat that will last many seasons. Its alloy barrels make it a durable bat with a large sweet spot. It also has a very smooth, balanced swing and has a great sound. It is an excellent choice for young players.

While the Louisville Slugger Meta 2022 is $50 less expensive than the Easton Hype BBCOR, it offers the same features at a lower price. The Easton Hype is a better choice for contact hitters. It has a balanced design, and a good sweet spot. It has a great sound, with almost no vibrations and stinging when mishit.

Another popular option is the Marucci Cat9 (-3) BBCOR bat. It offers many improvements over the CAT7 model. It uses the most advanced alloy, called AZR, and undergoes a three-stage thermal treatment process to make it stronger. It also has thinner walls to reduce vibration.

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