Best Deck For Arena 3

The Best Deck For Arena 3

When it comes to Arena 3 decks, there are many different strategies that can be used to win a game. Some strategies are better than others, and the best deck depends on the type of opponent you’re facing. A goblin deck might be a good choice if you are facing an enemy with giants. With their special abilities, these goblins can distract both giants and smaller units. They can also be used to take out minion troops before they lock themselves into a tower.

Another strategy is to try a defensive deck. A defensive deck will give you good attack and defense, and it will be easy to use. It contains cards such as a Cannon and Giant, as well as a Musketeer. These cards are particularly valuable in Arena 3 because they can be used to assault both air and ground forces.

You’ll also want to add some backup cards. The Bomber can be used to counter Skeleton army troops and the Goblin can counter air troops. You can also use the Witch to distract enemies. In addition, a huge Skeleton will act as a tank for the deck. Your opponents will be unable to stop it from destroying their decks for a long period of time due to its high HP and ability drop bombs.

This deck features a great mixture of units. A barbarian will be a huge boost for pushing, and you can use it to take out nearby units. Another key element in this deck is a Witch, which can add ground support to your attack and defense. Lastly, a barbarian can also attack a giant without firing fireballs.

An X-Bow deck is a versatile deck for Arena 3. It’s primary objective is to destroy enemy towers. It can also take out all the life on enemy towers. This strategy, while initially boring, can be very effective depending on the opponent’s strategy. The deck has the advantage of being able defend itself with its own units or arrows, in addition to the X-Bow attack.

Harlequin or Engineer are another options. These cards are the strongest in the game and will allow you to be flexible. If you’re a top level player, you can also consider a deck that includes a Shaman. This deck will allow you to take down bosses while improving your abilities.

To protect the musketeer from being attacked by enemies, it is a good idea to place him behind a tank. A giant can also help you hit a tower with his attack. He’s also invisible and can attack towers for free, making this a great strategy.

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