Best Healers In Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Healers in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom offers 5 designated healers, but some are better than others. The game mode you play and your style of play will determine which healer you choose. Let’s take an in-depth look at the top healers in the game. You can also add toppings to your healer cookies.

Herb Cookie is a cute character with an effective healing style. Clover Cookie is a great pairing for Herb Cookie. Herb Cookie can also heal your team members with low HP. This healer can help carry your team for a long time until you find a more powerful healer.

Cookie Run Kingdom needs more healer cookie. In addition to Healer Cookies, Support Cookies can heal your team, and sometimes even heal your team better than a Healer Cookie. If you have more Support Cookies than 5, a Healer cookie may be the best option.

Another good healer in Cookie Run Kingdom is the Princess Cookie. This cookie is cheaper than Dark Choco, but can save the butts of your party members. Although it is annoying, it can save your party members. Searing Raspberries are another great way to strengthen her heal. You can also use her weaker DEF Down to heal your party.

A third cookie that is a great healer is the Cream Unicorn Cookie. It can heal up to two characters with low HP. It applies its heal instantly after skill animation, and has a 17 second cooldown. It has a long cooldown and is an effective healer if you use it regularly.

Another option is to choose a cookie with high AOE and a high HP. The Eclair and Swift Chocolates are good options for these two cookies. If you are looking for a good starting healer, you should go with these two. They look very similar in appearance and AOE. It is important to take your time when choosing which one to use. However, the best one will depend on what level you play.

You can combine multiple characters depending on their roles. GingerBrave is a popular team that includes Almond Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie. The stun cookie can stun two cookies and has a high ATK. The damage dealer pairs up with the stun cookie to destroy the enemy team’s midline. The stun team is very effective against low survivability teams and can easily decimate a team of severely injured enemies.

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