Best Hog Mountain Deck

How to Build the Best Hog Mountain Deck in World of Warcraft

A good hog mountain deck will have a mix of strong and cheap units. The hog rider can push down the opponent’s lower life tower and it’s also very affordable. The Ewiz will leave a few shots on the tower, but it’s important to pay attention to support units and not use the spawn zap on the hog. This deck can be dangerous overtime.

Aggressive Hogs: Using an aggressive Hog will help you beat Goblin Gange and Hogs near the bridge. Aggressive Hogs can cycle back to the log in seven seconds. They are also great against Golem Beatdown which is great for pushing 20 Elixirs.

Hog Rider: This deck can be difficult to play so be careful. To increase your control over more areas, invest in a Princess or a Hog Rider. While the Princess and Hog Rider are not the most powerful units, they are still good defensive options. They can’t ride very fast so be careful. As the game progresses, you should focus on attacking towers using the Hog Rider and then finish the job using the Rocket.

Another strong option is the X-Bow. The X-Bow deck focuses primarily on dealing damage across rivers, while the Ice Wizard (and Mega Minion) add sustainability. The Rocket is a great cheap option and the X-Bow deck is very active. The LavaLoon deck is more aggressive.

This deck is a popular choice for Arena 10 due to the fact that it functions well as bait and has decent synergies with Goblin Gang and Guards. Although this deck lacks the Goblin Cage, it’s still an easy deck to level up. It is easy to use and focuses on blocking opponents’ pushes.

When it comes to Arena 10, the Golem is one of the best tanks in the game. This deck uses all cards, even the rare ones. It’s also very easy to level it up, making it an excellent choice for Arena 10 players. It’s a great deck to play if you’re looking for a ladder deck.

Another powerful deck is the Bomber. The Bomber deck has high hitpoints and splash damage. It is also less expensive than other decks, and can be used to help you build towers. This deck is ideal for duel play, and can make your opponent spend their elixirs defensively.

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