Best Mascara For Asian Lashes

Best Mascara For Asian Lashes

A good Asian lash mascara can give you voluminous, defined lashes that look and feel luxurious. Its compact formula has a small wand that coats each individual lash very carefully. It contains beeswax, apple extract, rosemary extract and peach leaf extract. This helps thicken lashes.

Asian lashes tend to be thin and lacking volume. For long, thick lashes, volumizing mascara is your best choice. A lash primer is also recommended to give your lashes a natural look. The formula should not be oily or irritate sensitive eyes.

For Asian lashes, a waterproof formula is the best choice. The waterproof formula helps hold curls better than a regular formula. It doesn’t run and it doesn’t clump. This waterproof formula is perfect for daytime and nightwear. It is resistant to sweat, oil, water, and humidity. Some users may find the formula too heavy.

If you want to get dramatic volume and length, use a mascara that has an hourglass shape. The c-shaped brush coats each lash evenly and without flaking. It also dries quickly. It will give you dramatic, lasting lashes. For a bold look, you can apply two to three coats.

This waterproof mascara is also perfect for those with sweaty hands. It gives luscious, thick lashes that won’t smear. It comes in a similar packaging to traditional mascaras, but it also contains vegan ingredients. Hemp-seed oil is the main ingredient. The formula is also nourishing and will give you long, thick lashes.

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