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Star Wars Best Mods – Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon, a new character from the Empire, has been added to SWGOH. Released the same day as the new Star Wars Episode, The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon is a Dark Side Support character who also has a Leader tag. He is a member of the Empire faction and the Imperial Trooper faction.

The Moff is a great choice in SWGOH for tanking and melee teaming. His unique ability is called “Know Your Adversaries”. This spell places a debuff called “Demoralized” on all enemies. This debuff decreases their Offense, Critical Chance, and Damage by 50%. This is a very strong debuff, and can be devastating on teams. His secondary ability is Control the Situation, which resets the Turn Meter and increases the Turn Meter of all allies by 25%.

While Moff Gideon has many abilities, he is best as a Leader. Although his abilities are useful in many situations, Moff Gideon is most effective as a leader of an Imperial Trooper squad. A team consisting of two Tanks and two Attackers is ideal. Moff Gideon can then use his “Control the Situation” special to grant Support characters 100% Protection Up. His “Tenacity” stat will also protect him from damage.

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