Best Nature For Magikarp

Best Nature For Magikarp

The best nature for magikarp depends on your Pokemon’s nature. Although it might seem difficult to choose the right nature, you can choose one that increases your Pokemon’s special attack. For example, you can choose Timid Nature to make it stronger. You can also choose Modest Nature to give it extra defense. However, you should remember that this Pokemon has a powerful Special Attack, and you can crush it if you don’t use it.

Although it is often considered a useless Pokemon it can evolve into a powerful Water/Flying type. It is a strong choice for PvP because it does not have legendary abilities and can be caught more often that legendary Pokemon. It’s also easier to power up Gyarados than other legendary Pokemon.

A magikarp will have a decent set moves when it is caught. However, Flail and Mimic don’t prove very useful. A bad thing about Low Kick in this generation is that it is not weight-based, and it only deals a fixed base power damage of 50. If you want maximum damage, choose Eruption and Flail.

Although Magikarp is a Water Type, it is weak against Electric and Grass-type moves. It can be found in South Lake Miloch, and has a 25 percent chance of appearing when it rains. It has a speed stat of 80. However, its attack stats are weak, so if you want to maximize its potential, choose a nature that will boost your Magikarp’s Speed stats without sacrificing too much Attack.

If you are a physical sweeper, a Gyarados is the right choice. It can also be an excellent special sweeper. A Gyarados with Adamant or Jolly natures will give it a better chance at special attack, while a Quiet nature will give you more protection from a special sweeper.

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