Best Nature For Metagross

Best Nature For Metagross

The best Nature for Metagross depends on your preferences and gameplay style. In general, you’ll want a Nature that will maximize your Metagross’ Attack and Defense stats. However, you should also take into account the stats you spend on EVs when choosing a Nature. For instance, if you’re more of an offensive player, you’ll probably want a Timid nature instead of Relaxed. On the other hand, if you’re a defensive player, you might want to go with a Calm or Modest nature.

Metagross has a good special movepool. Its moves include Psychic, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, and Hidden Power. This allows it to heavily outpace Mega Forms. The problem is, the best nature for Metagross isn’t the one with the best movepool. Special moves are too competitive.

While Jolly is the most popular choice for Metagross, it’s worth considering other options as well. In addition to the Jolly nature, Mega Metagross can also benefit from having the Hasty nature. However, if speed is your main concern, Adamant is still a solid choice.

Despite being a very heavy Pokemon, Metang is very strong and tanky. With a decent EV spread of 252 HP, 4 Def, and 252 SpD, Metagross can easily survive a powerful Pokemon. An Impish nature can make Metagross more tanky and protect itself from special attacks. It is also effective with Eviolite.

The Mega Metagross can be a marginally good Steel-type, but it struggles to find a place on a competitive team in Ubers. Other Steel-types have the upper hand. A better choice would be a Necrozma-DM, who is capable of overcoming the speed problem with Prism Armor and Recovery. Besides, Mega Metagross isn’t great at mimicking Ultra Burst.

The Metagross is a physical sweeper with a high attack stat and powerful STAB moves. It is ideal for teams looking for a sweeper and is best used with other bulky Pokemon. It’s also a good choice for teams with a balanced style, as it’s very versatile.

Mega Metagross can also benefit from using Trick. This move makes it easier to switch into defensively and helps the Mega Metagross to beat non-Counter Skarmory one-on-one. This move also boosts its Tough Claws stat. Grass Knot is another good coverage move that will help Mega Metagross deal with potential counters.

Metagross is a strong, rare Pokemon. It evolves from Metang and 100 Candy. It has a max CP of 3,791. Its moves are the best choice for attacking Pokemon in Gyms and PVP battles. Its special moves include Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash.

Mega Metagross is a very powerful Pokemon against Fairy and Ghost-types. However, it struggles against Mega Diancie. In addition, Mega Metagross’s weakness against Defog makes it vulnerable against these types. Unlike Mega Metagross, Mega Diancie is also able to utilize its Magic Bounce to deal with Defog.

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