Best Nature For Piplup

Best Nature For Piplup

Piplup is a fast-moving Pokemon with high Special Attack. As a result, it needs a nature that boosts this stat. Piplup’s best nature is Modest. However, this nature also sacrifices Attack. Therefore, Piplup doesn’t learn as many physical attack moves later on. A Piplup with Modest nature also enjoys Dry berries.

Against faster leads, it is best to use Icy Wind or Hydro Pump. These moves are effective against Piplup, which also has average Speed. However, it is best to avoid switching Piplup if it has the same nature as the lead. In addition, Piplup can also switch to Adamant to make it immune to Ice-type moves.

Piplup’s nature also determines how many stats it gains and loses. Choosing the right Nature will depend on whether you want to increase the Attack stat, or lower it. Adamant will give you the highest Attack stat, but decrease the Special Attack stat. Choosing the right nature is crucial to maximizing your Pokemon’s potential. Having the right Nature will help you dominate the game.

Piplup’s weaknesses include Ground and Electric moves. While it has some great moves, it is also prone to being OHKOed by other Pokemon. Croagunk can come in and KO Piplup with any attack, while Drifloon and Staryu can OHKO the Piplup with a single move.

Piplup is a water-type starter Pokemon, which evolves into an Empoleon when leveled up. Although it is not a physical fighter, it favors special moves, such as Aqua Jet and Hydro Pump. Piplup’s best nature is Modest, while Rash is second. The latter is more suitable for a Piplup because it prioritizes Special Attack over Defense. A Piplup with this nature has low Special Attack, but it is more effective against Ground and Poisons.

Piplup’s bulk is a plus. It also has defensive typing. It is excellent against Choice Scarf users, and it negates the effect of Focus Sash. Its Yawn ability also helps Piplup abuse Stealth Rock. The latter enables Piplup to force switches and rack up residual damage from Stealth Rock. Besides, Yawn also scouts the opposing team’s team. Meanwhile, Surf is best for consistent STAB attack, but it has low damage output due to its lack of Special Attack EVs.

When leveling up, players should focus on strengthening their Piplup’s special attack. This move is important for finishing off fast-moving opponents. However, if your opponent has high speed, you should use Chimchar instead. Its special attack will make it easier to finish them.

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