Best Nemesis Build Dbd

How to Make the Best Nemesis Build in Dead by Daylight

If you’re playing the new Dead by Daylight game, then you need to make the best Nemesis build possible. This new killer is the most dangerous in the game and it gets more powerful over time. This is also the first AI-powered killer, so make sure your build has strong perks such as Hysteria or Infectious Fright.

Nemesis, a powerful killer, ranks right between Plague & Michael Meyers in the game. It has three mutation stages, and you can advance through them by contaminating survivors. The second mutation stage allows Nemesis to break pallets, and the third mutation stage increases the range of his tentacles by 1 meter.

If you want to use a zombie-killing Nemesis, you should invest in the T-Virus. It will allow you to quickly break down pallets and catch up with survivors. You’ll also find that Nemesis thrives in situations where survivors spend too much time looking for vaccines and struggling to use generators. Your Nemesis will be more efficient and effective if you choose perks that slow down or help zombies.

Another powerful addon is the Serotonin Injector. After killing a zombie, this can make you invisible for up to 15 seconds. This effect is especially powerful when zombies die but the player is still alive. The Serotonin Injector also reduces the respawn time for zombies, which makes this build a great choice if you have a short respawn time.

A Nemesis with this build will be a tall and elusive killer. When it comes to sneaking and destroying, you need to be careful not to use Tentacle Strike all the time. Although the Tentacle Strike can be effective at hitting zombies, it is not accurate at close range. It is also inaccurate at short range.

Nemesis’ perks are pretty interesting as well. Eruption, for example, can cause map-wide chaos. It marks yellow generators. Any survivors who work on the exploding machine will also be incapacitated. As you increase your Perks, the duration of incapacitation will increase.

Another great skill for Nemesis is Elemental Resonance. This skill can be used against enemies who are weak to lightning. Nemesis also has a basic combo that can be activated using a skill. It’s also effective against bosses. Nemesis is also very versatile in terms of range, AoE and homing attacks. This allows him to stay out of the reach of many enemies.

Nemesis is one of the most versatile killers in Dead by Daylight, and is also one of the most unique in the game. He is also equipped with a tentacle, which means that if you get hit by his tentacle, you’ll get contamination and increase your mutation rate.

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