Best Omicron Swgoh

How to Best Equip the Omicron in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

If you’re wondering how to best equip the Omicron character in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, it’s important to look into the different options available. You might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t necessarily require you to be the most powerful character in the game. You just need to be able to use your Omicron to its full potential.

Omicron ability materials can only be obtained by a few characters in SWGOH. Each of these materials increases a character’s ability. The best way to get these materials is to obtain them through bundles and game play. You can also get them free-to-play (FTP), through various events and activities in the game. They are very rare and can be lost at a slow rate, so it is best to save them for the right purchases.

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