Best Paleozoic Decks

Best Paleozoic Decks

There are a few cards you should avoid playing in your Paleozoic deck. The Reactor Slime card is a decent card but it lacks impact. At best, you can use it to summon two slime tokens during the main phase. This can be used to fill the field with blocker fodder, and give your Paleozoics time to gain control.

One of the best features of the Paleozoic deck is its xyz summoning ability. It costs two aqua monsters but has a decent ATK of 2200. It can also detach a material from you hand to summon a rank 2 Xyz creature. This can be useful when dealing with an opponent’s Xyz deck. It can also negate an opponent’s activation and retrieve a water monster form the graveyard.

Another card that should be in your Paleozoic deck is Anomalocaris, which is a powerful search card. It protects you and allows access to the Trap Cards. You can also use a Xyz Summon in order to obtain more “Paleozoic” cards.

Another card that can add great value to your deck is the frog. Unlike the other three frogs, the frog has two important cards that help you win the game: an engine and a toad. The deck can use the Toad, which is also the win condition for Paleozoics.

You can also consider the Centerfold Deck and the Devil’s Portrait cards in a Paleozoic deck. The latter can be used to target the Centerfrog of your opponent and Special Summon another one. Using these two cards, you have complete control of every monster between them.

The second card to consider is the “Paleozoic Leanchoilia.” This card has the ability to return banished “Paleozoic” Trap Cards back to your Graveyard. This can help you get your opponents attention and win the game. If you are playing a duoling deck, this card can be very useful.

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