Best Royal Giant Decks

The Best Royal Giant Decks

A Royal Giant deck is a great option if you’re looking for a fast, powerful deck. This deck includes many powerful cards, including the Dark Prince, Mother Witch, and Goblin Drill. Royal Giants are powerful against goblins, minions, and skeleton armies, and can help you win 2v2 battles easily. However, regular battles can be very tough, as opponents always have counter cards to deal with them.

When used correctly, Royal Giants can be very powerful. They can be used to push your troops, disarm towers and distract your opponents. The Royal Giant is also effective as a defense, and the Dark Prince can be used to defend. Other important cards to consider include Fisher and Mother Witch, which can help your opponent fight inferno dragons. You can also use Lighting to combat enemy deployed cards.

The Royal Giant deck is ideal for F2P players. It is easy to use and very affordable. It has a low elixir cost, good attack and defense potential, and an average elixir price. It is an excellent choice for F2P players, despite its low price. This deck will often allow you to use the Royal Giant to keep your opponent off balance. The Royal Giant is an effective choice if you’re trying to counterattack with a Dark Prince, as well as advance to an opponent’s tower.

The furnace is another great card to add to your Royal Giant deck. It can be used to defend your tower or deal chip damage against your opponents’ towers. The goal of a royal giant deck should be to play your royal giant as many times as possible during a battle. A good royal giant deck will try to play it at least five times a game. Your royal giant deck will have support from the mega minion, electro-wizard and baby dragon.

To attack your opponent’s towers, you can add other cards to your royal giant deck such as the wizard, barbarian, and spear goblins. You may also find useful other units, such as the elixir collector. You can also use melee troops to distract your opponent troops. The royal giant is an expensive investment, but it is worth it for your Clash Royale game.

A good Royal Giant deck can be a great defense deck with a strong defense, especially if it combines a Mother Witch and a Skeleton Barrel. This deck has good defense, but it has some weaknesses against Lightning and other damage types. If you want to quickly take out your opponents, adding a few Skeleton Dragons can be a great option. This deck can be great against Golem decks but can have issues against Bomber decks.

A royal giant can do heavy damage to your enemies and can even be used to your advantage against wizards. When placed in front of a bridge, it can be a great way to kill the enemy troops. It is important to position the royal giant away from the enemy to do as much damage as possible.

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