Best Sparky Decks

Best Sparky Decks in Clash Royale

The best sparky decks have a few common characteristics. The deck should be aggressive and use a few of the best cards from the game. The best cards to use are the Goblin Giant, Sparky, and Mother Witch. These cards can help you win the game if you have them in your deck. The Goblin Giant is an amazing card because it can kite your opponent’s troops, deal damage, and change lanes to block your opponent’s attack. You can use Sparky as a support troop, but you should also consider playing him in the front lines.

When you play Sparky, it is best to position it behind a tank, as the Sparky’s tank needs to be able to protect him from cheap troops. You also want to avoid the use of Zap, as it can deal splash damage to your support. Sparky is a very easy target to counter. It’s also worth noting that you might only get one shot at your opponent’s tower in the entire game, which is a disadvantage for the Sparky deck.

The best sparky decks have a Sparky in the back row. It needs to be up during double elixir time to be effective. If you can’t get your sparky up in time, swap it out for a musketeer. Then, cycle through the support cards until you get the next sparky up.

The best sparky decks also have tank troops behind the tank. This way, the sparky deck has a better chance of damaging the prince tower. This deck also makes use of a goblin barrel to distract the enemy troops and towers. A sparky deck will be one of the best decks for you in every arena.

The best Sparky decks in Clash Royale have a lot of great synergies. For example, a Sparky deck can be very powerful against air units if it has a high damage spell. Also, the Goblins and Mega Minion are effective against air troops. Moreover, the Valkyrie is a very important area damage card.

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