Best Spear Elden Ring

Best Spear in Elden Ring

A Spear is one of the most important tools for an Elden Ring character. Unlike other weapons, which are primarily meant for close combat, Spears are meant to be used at a distance. This makes them an ideal choice for players who enjoy the sense of safety that spears provide. If used properly, they can even keep the player safe from close enemies.

One of the most effective spears in Elden Ring is the Treespear. It is an excellent spear for PvP and is extremely fast, but it is not the best choice for PvE. While the Treespear has a low range, its fire damage and scaling make it a good choice for PvP. In addition, this spear has a unique R2 and a strong L2.

Other weapons that are very effective in Elden Ring are the Giant-Crusher, the Maliketh’s Black Blade, and the Giant-Crusher. They are all powerful weapons, but they require a high Strength level. You can use them to melt large enemies and bosses. If you’re not too worried about damage, you can use the Giant-Crusher. It’s a great weapon for a large boss, but you’ll need at least 60 Strength to use it effectively.

The Crystal Spear is similar to the other spears, but its damage is caused by rot. Its base damage is lower than the non-rotten counterpart, but it’s still very effective in causing damage. This weapon is especially effective for faith builds because its damage from a distance stuns targets and deals a decent amount of holy damage.

The Clayman’s War Spear is another great spear for PvP. Its passive ability causes your opponents to lose blood. Moreover, you can upgrade it to become a magic weapon for increased damage. This spear is also a very powerful option for intelligence players. Its passive effect also reduces your opponent’s health.

Rogier’s Rapier is a very powerful weapon with high damage reduction. It deals 136 Physical damage and has a Critical attack that deals 110 damage. It also scales with Intelligence and Strength, and is effective against multiple types of enemies. It can be obtained in Dragon-Burnt ruins. The weapon is found inside a chest.

A good melee weapon is always good to have. A melee weapon with high damage can be dangerous. However, if you are a mage, you can also use a weapon that scales with your dexterity. If you have a good range and are a good melee player, you can use the Golden Halberd.

The Blasphemous Blade is another weapon you should have. This weapon can deal high damage but is slow to reload. Because of this, you must be careful with each shot.

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