Best Th12 Base

Best Th12 Base

The best Th12 base is a complex structure made of different compartments and can contain a variety of defense towers. The layout of the base can be based on the player’s own preferences. Some players prefer a war zone base while others prefer to farm resources and gain trophies for the next level. To get an idea of which layout is most suitable for you, check out other people’s bases.

The best TH12 base layouts focus on the townhall, resource tower, and heavy army. In this structure, you will have a centralized Town Hall, as well as eagle artillery and a clash castle. The TH12 base layout has two layers of defense towers to protect the Town Hall and other key buildings.

The best Town Hall 12 base is a defensive structure that specializes in self-defense. It also has the ability to launch Giga Tesla, an electrical beam that will zap your opponents. This structure is also equipped with five upgraded levels, and the fifth final level will make it explode. You should consider this base if you are planning to play this game competitively.

An Eagle Artillery is the best defensive at Town Hall 12. The range of its range includes the entire base, excluding the first seven tiles, which are protected by other defences. The best Th12 base will also have inferno towers in the center of the base. These towers cover the most important defenses, and their single-target setting will protect the base against high-hitpoint troops and electro dragons.

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