Best Xbow Decks

Best Xbow Decks for Tower Defense

Xbows are an excellent choice for tower defense. Despite their low health, they’re great at defending a tower and removing it. They can also support other troops by allowing them the ability to cycle to defense. They can also be used to DPS large pushes from afar. There are many Xbow decks. Here are some best practices to ensure a successful match.

The best XBow decks are fast, have high defense prowess, and are very fast. These decks are supported by Knights, Teslas and Archers who can help the bow complete a fast cycle. They are also useful against heavy tanks and defense decks.

X-Bows are effective at clearing large numbers of enemy soldiers. They can also trade with other aggressive decks using their arrows. Witches are also good for this purpose because they can create Skeletons and deal damage to airborne and ground troops. The best Xbow decks will also contain a few swarms.

The Xbow deck should be built strategically. The optimal location is one tile from the middle of a bridge. The log tip will increase your chances of Xbow failure but will also push away enemy tanks. It is important to avoid sacrificing the Xbow for a single elixir.

If you are using an Xbow deck to defend your tower, ensure that you do so when your archers are not on damage. To get an additional boost, you can switch to defensive mode in these cases. If you have a Tesla, you can switch between the graveyard or bridge.

Despite its low damage, this deck plays defense the entire game. It’s slow enough to outcycle Royal Giants, and has low DPS. It doesn’t have enough DPS to force a Royal Giant across the bridge. It is also difficult to defend against a Royal Giant near the edge of the arena. This deck has a few disadvantages.

This deck is one of the most powerful X-Bow decks. It can punish large back investments with the Rocket or Tornado. This deck can also split an opponent’s push. It can also do great damage to the tower and troops of the opponent. This makes the X-Bow extremely valuable.

No matter what deck you choose, it is important to pay attention to how your X-Bow works. If you can use it efficiently, you can use it as an offensive or defensive strategy. Moreover, you should cycle with the opponent so that you can maximize your damage output. You can switch to an offensive Xbow once you have reached three elixir.

Xbows can also be used against MK decks. They can kill MKs with their own spells and can be used as bait for the other team. However, the Golem is an excellent choice for playing against MK decks that lack big spells. You can also use teslas to defeat MK decks with no big spells. Also, logs and fireballs can be used against MK decks.

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