Bettie Page

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After leaving modelling, Page married Armond Walterson, twelve years her junior. Their marriage ended shortly thereafter in 1959, after which Page began her religious quest.

Early Life and Education

Page graduated as class salutatorian from Hume-Goff High School in Nashville, Tennessee and went on to attend George Peabody College with the goal of becoming a teacher; instead she found herself drawn toward performing arts and eventually took a typewriter position with author Alfred Leland Crabb before going on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in 1944.

Once her career had taken off, she married Armond Walterson who was 12 years older than she. However, their union ended quickly as they divorced shortly thereafter in 1958 after she experienced religious transformation through New Year’s Eve immersion and became devoutly Christian.

She later experienced relationships with industrial designer Richard Arbib and Billy Neal – whom she briefly married – whom she also pursued romantically.

Professional Career

After graduating Hume-Goff High School, she attended George Peabody College with the intention of becoming a teacher; however, due to academic difficulties she soon abandoned this plan in favor of modeling. Irving Klaw snapped pictures and films featuring her for mail-order pictures and short black-and-white 8mm and 16mm “specialty” films depicting various moods including abduction, dominance and slave training in her shoots, quickly making her one of New York’s premier pin-up models.

She then took acting classes with Herbert Berghof and made guest appearances on stage and television. Additionally, she worked as a sports reporter for Real Sports alongside Bryant Gumbel covering NFL games, Olympic events, and college athletics.

Personal Life

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Bettie Page’s career as a pin-up model abruptly came to a halt in 1957 when she received a subpoena from a Senate Committee investigating pornography and refused to testify, leading to public outrage and sexual scandal. After divorcing her first husband she married someone 12 years her junior and became more religious before divorcing him again and marrying again 12 years her junior; both marriages soon fell apart quickly before being diagnosed with schizophrenia and spending eight years under state supervision at Patton State Hospital.

Net Worth

Bettie Page had an astounding forty-year modeling career that spans national magazines such as Playboy. Her sultry beauty and sensuous appearance earned her recognition by the public, acting in films and even dabbling in singing. Bettie’s peak modeling years were in the 1950s – her raven black hair and deep blue eyes stood out among the competition; during this era she married three times: first to Richard Arbib for industrial designer Richard Arbib then Armond Walterson (in 1958) before short-lived relationships with Billy Neal (short time ago).

Armand Claude Walterson died at 80 and was interred at Saint Cloud Cemetery, Florida.

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