Betty White Memes

Betty White Memes

If you’ve ever asked a woman, “Do you love Captain America?” and she replies with a “Yes!”, Betty White has probably been the subject of a Betty White meme at some point in your life. Her sexy quips, paired with her classic role as the “nice lady,” play into the stereotype of older women who like to drink and party. Whether or not you agree with that quip, you will enjoy these Betty White memes.

Betty White was an American actress and comedian whose career spanned over nine decades. While she was considered by many to be a conservative old woman, she played up to this stereotype by taking on risque roles and embracing her sexuality. This helped to cement her place in Hollywood legend. While she did not live to her 100th birthday, her life was full of laughs and is certainly missed by many fans. And with that legacy in mind, it’s no wonder Betty White memes continue to grow in popularity.

Betty White was born on January 17, 1922, and started her television career in the late 1930s. She first gained fame as “girl Friday” on the hit television series, Hollywood on TV. She also had her own variety show called The Betty White Show. She also appeared on several talk shows and serials. During her lifetime, she was a beloved character in several movies, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Golden Girls. Betty White’s popularity reached new heights when she starred in a comedy spoof, Hot in Cleveland.

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